For the last 50 years Tullos Training has been a provider of government funded apprentice training programmes under the approved frameworks for Scotland. The Modern Apprenticeship (MA) programmes offer a combination of centre and workplace based training within employment. The training centre is located at West Tullos, Aberdeen and includes fully equipped training workshops and classrooms staffed by occupationally experienced instructors, assessors and verifiers.  In addition to MA’s the Centre also has a comprehensive range of short courses available and works with employers in the development and implementation of in-house competency systems.

We hope that the below FAQ for employers answers any of the questions you may have as an employer who wants to use or is currently using Tullos Training Ltd as a training centre. If you have any further questions, please use the online chat at the bottom of the screen which is managed during our opening hours.

What subjects of apprenticeships do you offer?

Apprentices on the Tullos register work with employers in many different sectors including oil & gas, aviation, paper manufacture, building services engineering, hospitals and local authorities.  MA training programmes currently available at Tullos include:

  • Mechanical Maintenance Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Machining
  • Fabrication & Welding Engineering
  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Services Maintenance Engineering
  • Design Engineering
  • Plumbing and Heating
  • Electrical Installation
  • Business Administration
  • Logistics Operations
  • Management
Are there entry requirements for apprenticeships?

Modern Apprenticeship’s are available to any employee who has reached the minimum statutory school leaving age in Scotland.  There are no barriers for candidates completing a Modern Apprenticeship, however, employers may choose to implement their own entry requirements.

How will my apprentice attend Tullos Training?

Most Modern Apprenticeship Programme’s feature a combination of training centre and workplace based training. Since different MA programmes require different attendance patterns actual attendance at the Training Centre will be confirmed once the type of apprenticeship has been chosen.

The Business Administration, Logistics Operations and Management Programmes are entirely workplace based learning.

Employer Costs & Funding

Costs and funding values vary according to the type of apprenticeship and will be advised prior to or at the time of enrolment.  Information required in advance for registration and funding confirmation includes apprentice name, date of birth and National Insurance Number.

Can Tullos Training help me with my apprentice recruitment?

Apprentice recruitment is primarily the responsibility of the employer.  However, Tullos Training can assist through provision of school leaver applicants who have already passed the entrance tests at the Centre.  School Leavers can apply direct to Tullos Training for initial interview and test.

Tullos Training can also advertise vacancies on their website and social media pages for employers who are using ourselves as a training provider.


For information on any of our apprenticeship schemes or courses please contact Jim Booth on 01224 872316 or j.booth@tullostraining.co.uk

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