Modern Apprenticeships

Modern Apprenticeships involve both off-the-job training at Tullos Training and in-company or workplace assessment programmes.  They are run by qualified instructors who regularly monitor students progress during training.

On successful completion of training you will be in possession of your SVQ certificates and where appropriate you would also gain an educational qualification such as NC/HNC and a Modern Apprenticeship Certificate.

Tullos Training helps bring applicants and employers together as part of an ongoing recruitment process. For the applicant this involves a short test at the Centre on general knowledge, mechanical comprehension and, most importantly, for those entering the electrical and electronics industries a colour vision check. Entry qualifications vary from company to company but in most cases National 4 or above in Maths, Science, English and Craft related subjects are sought by employers.

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Electrical & Electronics

Electrical/Electronic apprenticeships would involve learning how to do the following:

Building electric motors

fabricating control panels & circuits

fitting and connecting electrical compnents


soldering and testing installations

and many more varied tasks depending on job role.

Mechanical Maintenance

Mechanical Maintenance apprenticeships involve learning a wide variety of tasks.  These include maintenance and repair of mechanical plant and equipment, overhaul of equipment, inspection, hydraulic and pneumatic systems and production machinery throughout industry.


Machining Apprenticeships are using turning, milling, boring and other specialised machines to produce components to close tolerances and high quality finishes.  These can be both Manual and CNC machines.

Welding & Fabrication

Welding & Fabrication apprenticeships include learning how to bend, forming and joining of thick plate sheet metal and pipework, using electrical and oxy fuel welding techniques.


Plumbing Apprentices involve installation, repair and maintenance of a wide range of systems as diverse as quality hot and cold water supplies, modern sanitation systems, domestic and industrial boilers, associated electronic control systems and advanced welding techniques.

Electrical Installation

Electrical Installation Apprentices are the recognised route to becoming an Electrician.  These are run in conjunction with the Scottish Electrical Charitable Training Trust.  These involve training on installation, repair and maintenance of many different electrical systems, e.g to power machinery, provide light and heat for factories and homes, run computers etc.

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning apprenticeships involve a wide variety of tasks within the industry, these include design and installation, repair and maintenance of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment in industrial and commercial buildings , working with a range of systems and materials including copper plastic and steel.

Business Administration

Business Administration apprenticeships are tailored to suit all office tasks.  These include everything from using word/emails/spreadsheets to more specific units including recruitment, event organisation.  These are offered in both SCQF Level 5 and SCQF Level 6.


Logistic Apprenticeships are offered SCQF Level 7.  These can be tailored to suit each individual and their role within their employer.  The units would include tasks such as, Optimise the Use of Logistic Resources, Manage Costs and Resources in Logistics Operations to Meet Customer Requirements, Manage and Implement Security Operations within Logistics, Schedule the Distribution of Supplies, Monitor and Progress the Delivery of Orders, Monitor the Transportation of Supplies.


Management Apprenticeships are offered at 3 different levels, they are offered at SVQ Level 3, 4 & 5.  These are perfect for supervisors, managers and senior mangers who are looking to further their own skills and knowledge.

Each level includes a vast variety of units that can be tailored to suit each business.  These include finance management, health and safety, recruitment, people management and decision making.

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