Calena Anderson – Belmar Engineering Ltd

Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2021 is a time to highlight the importance and show your support for apprenticeships.  This year, Skills Development Scotland launched a campaign to encourage employers, learning providers, apprentices and anyone in business to share their stories of who gave them a chance in the workplace on social media to inspire those who can create opportunities for young people during these tough times.  If you have a story to tell, share your story on social media using #ThanksForTheChance and #BusinessBackingTalent.

The current COVID-19 pandemic means that we cannot invite employers and the general public to view our centre, chat to lecturers and meet the apprentices.  Instead we have opted to interview a selection of current apprentices and their employers about Modern Apprenticeships.  Our second interview is with Calena Anderson and her employer, Belmar Engineering Ltd.  We are currently hosting a Q&A session on our Instgram Stories (Thursday 12pm – Friday 12pm) where we are answering all of your questions about apprenticeships.

Name:  Calena Anderson
Age:  19
Job Title:  Apprentice Mechanical Engineer
MA Framework:  Engineering


What attracted you to a Modern Apprenticeship?
I was attracted to an apprenticeship due to being able to learn on the job instead of going to college for a theory based course rather than practical training.

What does your role involve?
I am currently in my second year as an Engineering apprentice and am working towards an SVQ Level 3 and a HNC.  My role at Belmar involves planning, manufacturing, inspection processes and final component review.

What is the best thing about your apprenticeship?
The best part about an apprenticeship is learning on the job rather than doing a college or university course which doesn’t involve practical work.  Another good aspect of an apprenticeship is the social involvement with fellow workers.

Where are you doing your training and what does it involve?
My apprenticeship is with Belmar Engineering Ltd and my training is provided by Tullos Training Ltd.  I am doing my training in a manufacturing facility, which involves production of components for the oil and gas industry.

What are your career goals?
My career goals for the future are to work on my own initiative and have a full understanding of the job.

Would you recommend a Modern Apprenticeship to others?
I would recommend an apprenticeship for others looking to join the same career path as me due to the inovlvement from the early stages of my career to the outcome.  I am also obtaining qualifications as I progress.


Employer – Belmar Engineering Ltd
Interviewed – George Corbett


Have you previously taken on apprentices or is Calena the first?
We have taken on many apprentices throughout the years.  Calena was one of two apprentices taken on in 2019 and more recently in August 2020, two more apprentices joined the team at Belmar.

Do you find apprenticeships useful?
We find apprenticeships to be a very useful and effective way of training the next generation of engineersOur apprentices complete the full first year of their apprenticeship at Tullos Training Ltd completing their SVQ Level 2 and NC qualifications before moving to Belmar for the remainder of their apprenticeship.  We find that the year they spend at Tullos helps the apprentices build up their confidence before moving into the workplace.

How is the interviewed apprentice getting on in the workplace?
Calena has completed her SVQ Level 2 and NC at Tullos Training Ltd and has progressed onto an SVQ Level 3 in the workplace.  Calena has integrated well into the company and is mentored in the workplace.  She is making such good progress we have enrolled her on a HNC course to further her knowledge.

Would you recommend apprenticeships to other employers?
I certainly would.  Apprenticeships are a productive and effective way of recruiting new talent because the training is structured.  You invest in the apprentice whilst they are doing their training and they feel valued which builds their confidence so that they work more effectively for your business and develop skills relevant to your organisation which helps improve productivity and quality of products or services to your customers.



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