Foundation Apprenticeships at Portlethen Academy

Foundation Apprenticeships are open to secondary school pupils in S5 or S6.  The FA programme allows pupils to gain industry recognised qualifications while learning skills which allow candidates to strengthen their CVs and personal statements.  We have been offering students at Portlethen Academy the Foundation Apprenticeship in Engineering for 2 years in partnership with Aberdeenshire Council.


Recognised by all Scottish universities and colleges, the FA in Engineering is a 2 year course, equivalent to 2 SQA Higher level qualifications with an A/B grade.  The course helps candidates bridge the gap between the classroom and the workplace.  Engineering Foundation Apprentices complete a National Certificate (NC) at SCQF Level 6 and core units of an SVQ Level 2 in Perfoming Engineering Operations.  A Foundation Apprenticeship in Engineering can be completed alongside other school subjects as most of the teaching is carried out by one of our lecturers in Portlethen Academy’s classrooms.  The practical work for the apprenticeship is completed by the apprentices once a week at Tullos Training.


We asked the Portlethen Academy apprentices about their experiences as Foundation Apprentices and here is their responses:

Would you recommend an FA and if so why?

Yes, as I have learned a lot this will help for me and others going forward.

Kiegan, 1st Year FA Pupil

Yes, because you learn things that you wouldn’t at school.

Kyle, 1st Year FA Pupil

Why did you choose to study an FA?

To gain experience in the area and to add to my university application.

Zoe, 2nd Year FA Pupil

To give me better opportunities to study engineering in the future.

Aamnah, 1st Year FA Pupil

What do you like best about the course so far?

It’s a good and friendly learning/work environment, there is mutal respect between the apprentices and lecturers.

Diego, 1st Year FA Pupils

The metal work as it’s not just theory but practical work also.

Donald, 1st Year FA Pupil

What do you want to do next?

I want to get an engineering apprenticeship.

Kyle, 1st Year FA Pupil

I want to go to university to study engineering.

Lachlan, 2nd Year FA Pupil

Is there any advice that you would give to someone who is considering studying an FA in the future?

Work hard and only do it if you think your capable and if you think you’ll enjoy it.

Craig, 2nd Year FA Pupil

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