Quinn Murray – Derek Scott Plumbing & Heating

Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2021 officially started on Monday 01 March 2021.  This year, Skills Development Scotland launched a campaign to encourage employers, learning providers, apprentices and anyone in business to share their stories of who gave them a chance in the workplace on social media to inspire those who can create opportunities for young people during these tough times.  If you have a story to tell, share your story on social media using #ThanksForTheChance and #BusinessBackingTalent.

The current COVID-19 pandemic means that we cannot invite employers and the general public to view our centre, chat to lecturers and meet the apprentices.  Instead we have opted to interview a selection of current apprentices and their employers about Modern Apprenticeships starting with Quinn Murray and his employer, Derek Scott Plumbing & Heating.  We will also be hosting a Q&A session on our Instagram on Thursday 04 March 2021 to answer any questions you have for us.

Name:  Quinn Murray
Age:  17
Job Title:  Plumbing & Heating Engineer
MA Framework:  Domestic Plumbing & Heating


What attracted you to a Modern Apprenticeship?
I always knew from young age that I wanted to be in the building trade.  I knew that when I completed my apprenticeship, I would have a good work ethic for a job which is highly valued.

What does your role involve?
I’m currently in the second year of my apprenticeship which involves taking on more responsibility.  This includes working on my own and using my initiative to complete tasks.

What is the best thing about your apprenticeship?
Being able to meet new people and building my confidence while getting qualified in my trade.

Where are you doing your training and what does it involve?
My apprenticeship is with Derek Scott Plumbing & Heating.  The apprenticeship involves going to jobs such as new builds, renovations and break downs.  I also attend training at Tullos Training where we learn the laws of plumbing and complete assessments for the qualification.

What are your career goals?
My goal is to work hard and aspire to be the best plumber that I can possibly be.

Would you recommend a Modern Apprenticeship to others?
Yes, an apprenticeship is a good way to start your working career, it will give you a trade to fall back on if you ever decide to take a different career path.


Employer – Derek Scott Plumbing & Heating
Interviewed – Shaun Scott


Have you previously taken on an apprentice or is Quinn the first?
We have had 6 apprentices at Derek Scott – Liam, Gordon, James, Sam, Quinn and Taylor.  James and Sam were both lucky enough to win various awards during their apprenticeships and qualified for the WorldSkills competition.

Do you find apprenticeships useful to the company?
Definitely, we find them extremely useful and a massive asset to the company.  You get out what you put into apprenticeships and you need to take the time to train each apprenticeship.

How is Quinn getting on in the workplace?
Quinn is getting on really well in the workplace.  He gets stuck into every job, is polite and happy to learn.

Would you recommend apprenticeships to other employers?
Yes, definitely.  It is a commitment from the company and the apprentice because any short fall on either side makes the apprenticeship fail.  I think it is important to pass our knowledge onto new apprentices who are keen to start a career in the plumbing industry.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
There is no good reason for an employer not taking on an apprentice to give someone a chance or putting the time and effort required into an apprentice to help them succeed.

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